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Technical Support
Technical Support
Phone Support:
technical support, after receiving a request or fault report customers will obtain immediately by telephone contact with customers, more information, and to guide the user to solve the problem,For technical problems can not be resolved immediately, then arrange on-site engineers to solve.

Network support: 
technical support, after receiving customer's request or fault report, more information, if it is to replace the software solves the problem, the phenomenon can be described in terms of customers or hair Over the picture, the report analyzes sent to the customer to modify the software to solve, or for technical problems can not be resolved, then arrange on-site engineers to solve.

Site support:
For the scene for an engineer diagnose and solve the problem, I will be arranged as soon as possible as quickly as engineers rushed to the scene to deal with the issue. Not at the scene Li through instrumental analysis, or other aspects of support, or back to the company will analyze and solve.

Service monitoring:
My company provides technical support and after-sales service, the implementation of strict supervision and management, if the customers of my company's technical service staff are not satisfied or not by the presence of co-Provide services of the same service as standard, it can be fed directly to the company. The company will allocate to service personnel in accordance with the actual situation, until a satisfactory solution to the problem.

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